We are a team doing things that makes our customer happy and grow thier business.

Who we are

2N Group a global women owned conglomerate of companies  that specializes Information Technology and Digital Transformation. We strive to help businesses grow timelessly with the help of technology. With over 300 global professioal, our goal is to change the future of business in a positve way, with getting help from technology we are able to help companies with thier business automation.

Mission and Vision


Our Vision is to empower businesses and organization across various sectors to seamlessly adapt and thrice in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. We strive to be at the forefront of digital trasnformation, revotionalizing and driving sustainable growth for our clients.


Our group of companies brings together a diverse pool of expertise from IT, ICT, Media, Marketing, Health, Education, and Agriculture sectors. This unique combination allows us to offer comrehensice solutions tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each industry we serve.

Our Leadership

Rahul Kedia

Co-Founder & Director of Finance

CEO Passion

When I decided to start my company, a lot of things and people was against of me. I started the company when no one, at not only one person was hopefull for the future. After taliban took over I was at home for 1 year, in a dark room with my computer, I was passing days by sleeping and nights working on my computer. When decided to leave my remote job and start my own remote company, everyone was against of my dicision, my mom, my colleagues, my friends. According to thier opinion, there was no hope for the future of Afghanistan, and women, but my passion brought me to a place where I am proud of making that decision.
Thier was a big black cloud which remembered me of Cloud Solutions, and thier was a huge revolution which tought me of transformation.
We are not a business nor an company, we are not a corporate nor an organization. we are a revolution, a positive atomosphare, and a human powered platform where in which small businesses born, big companies got powered.

2N InfoTech was born by inspiration of black clouds and a revolution, with the goal to change the black clouds to white and the unwanted revolutions to a powerfull transformation. No matter, what happens next, 2N will remain with each of its partners and clients.

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